The New Queen Bee: Gen Z Yellow

A Major Fashion Color Trend For Fall/Winter 2018

Photos by  Rheanna Sonnichsen

Yellow, the color of sunshine, is usually reserved for summer, however, after kicking millennial pink off the it-color throne, Gen Z yellow, the new queen bee, is continuing its reign into fall and all the way through winter.

Intense like the sun, yellow is the brightest color on the color spectrum, and the first color the human eye sees. It’s truly attention-grabbing. So it’s no wonder taxis are painted yellow to stand out among other vehicles. Yellow is also universally known for signaling caution, the commanding color alerts to danger or road changes ahead.

Yellow isn’t reserved only for urban settings. It’s ever-present in nature in sunflowers, daffodils, and daisies. To the foods we eat such as corn, lemons, pineapples, and everyone’s favorite: mac and cheese. As well as the animals we share the planet with like canaries, bees, and butterflies. It’s also the color of popular Gen Z brands such as Snapchat, Bumble, and McDonald’s.

According to color psychology, the cheerful color energizes and relieves depression, which is something everyone could use during the countless gray days that are on the horizon. Yellow is recognized as the color of optimism, happiness, warmth, intellect, communication, creativity, and fun. All good omens for the rest of the year and the beginning of 2019.

Gen Z Yellow Fashion Color Trend 2018
Gen Z Yellow Fashion Color Trend 2018


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The primary color was everywhere on the fall/winter 18 runways. In New York, Calvin Klein presented banana and bright hues on coats, pants, and sweaters while Tom Ford opted for an almost neon yellow leopard-print for leggings, dresses, and a suit.

At London Fashion Week, Burberry showed mustard-hued outerwear and a few banana yellow tops. Erdem embraced the trend with an old gold velvet dress and light gold rose-print dresses and tops. A few shoes worn were an old gold hue.

Gen Z Yellow Fashion Color Trend 2018

In Milan, it was all about the golden hues. At Fendi, marigold cowboy boots were paired with several looks. Moschino, never a brand to shy away from bright colors, showcased all over yellow looks with golden dresses, fur-hemmed coats, and shoes. While Tod’s stuck to darker gold trenches and outerwear pieces.

In Paris, it was hard to find a collection that didn’t include yellow. Balenciaga used a dandelion hue in its floral print, houndstooth-patterned coats, and plaid that was combined with an almost neon yellow and other bright colors. Balmain turned the shade all the way up with short neon yellow fur coats. At Dior, it was a prominent color in its patchwork pieces such as handbags, skirts, jackets, and dresses. As well as some stellar bright mustard sunnies and this fuzzy coat. Louis Vuitton included accents of bright yellow and statement yellow separates that were paired with black.


Fashion month presented an abundance of yellows from neon to canary to mustard to hues of gold that make up Gen Z yellow trend. Gen Z yellow isn’t limited to just one color. Think of it as an array of bright yellow shades that fall anywhere between canary and marigold. With so many different variations, it’s easy to find a shade that works with any complexion and style.




The best way to ease into this trend if hesitant is to start with an accessory. Remember, jewelry is less of a commitment than a handbag or shoes if it doesn’t work out.


One way to soften the attention-grabbing color is to wear a pattern or print. Plaid is another huge trend this season so now is the time to channel Cher Horowitz.


Already a fan of yellow? Choose one statement yellow piece and have the rest of the look be a neutral color to balance it out. This makes yellow the focus of the outfit without being too much.


For the bold type {so obsessed with that show}, embrace yellow from head to toe by pairing a dress or separates with matching shoes and bag. This look is bound to stop traffic.

Are you ready to add some yellow to your closet? Let me know what you think of the Gen Z yellow color trend, and how you’re wearing it, in the comments below! What trends are you most excited for this season?

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Gen Z Yellow Fashion Color Trend 2018

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