70s-Inspired Party Dress

This dress made me fall in love. At first glance I wasn't sure if it would fit my style since my wardrobe is fairly print free. Once I had it on, it made me want to dance!

The angel sleeves and draping give the dress great movement.  It's one of those piece that looks good from every angle. The back of the dress has an nice cutout that exposes the back just enough as well as slights in the sleeves, which can fasten to give the sleeves more shape.

After this shoot with Kleveland Clothing, I had to go back and buy the dress because I loved it so much! I love how their new clothes always have a vintage-inspired element to them, which compliments the selection of vintage pieces they have in the store. If you're looking for something unique that virtually no one else will have, go to Kleveland. They order small qualities of the items they carry and get in new inventory every two weeks. I promise you'll love the how effortlessly pretty you feel in their clothing.

I can't wait to wear this dress to kickoff the autumn season with with tights and a long, open knit wrap. Possibly in beige or similar earth tone. You know me, I love neutrals!

What would you pair it with for fall? Let me know by commenting below.

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