Ole Henriksen VoxBox Review

When my first Influenster VoxBox came in the mail, I was so excited! I don't receive BirchBox or any services like that so it was my first experience getting goodies in the mail.

I love trying out new products, especially anything skin care related as I'm obsessed with making sure my skin ages beautifully.

Below are my reviews of all the products that I received in the Ole Henriksen VoxBox. The theme was about showing off your #OleGlow from the vitamin C products.

Let me know if you would try these products in the comment section at the bottom of the page.

 Ole Henriksen VoxBox from  Influenster  products: (clockwise from the top)  Ole Henriksen POWER Bright ,  Ole Henriksen Complexion Sponge ,  Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation  and  Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster .  I received these products complimentary for review.

Ole Henriksen VoxBox from Influenster products: (clockwise from the top) Ole Henriksen POWER Bright, Ole Henriksen Complexion Sponge, Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation and Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen BoosterI received these products complimentary for review.


 Available at  Sephora .

Available at Sephora.

An oil-free perfecting crème repairs skin with vitamin C complex, licorice root and pea extract. It helps gradually reduce hyperpigmentation without chemicals and fights off skin-damaging free radicals from the environment.

I like how the crème was completely sealed underneath the lid. The sample is a very generous portion being equal to the size of a normal eye crème.

The Sheer Transformation Crème is almost scentless. The size of a pea covers the entire face. You only need a little extra to cover the neck. It feels super light as it melts into the skin when applied. It also absorbs very quickly leaving no residue. 

Within five minutes of application, I could see my skin tones starting to even out in comparison to a photo I took before applying the crème.

Packaging could be eco-friendlier by removing plastic insert and making the box smaller.

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster

 Available at  Sephora .

Available at Sephora.

The first time I tried this product, I was impressed. Never hearing of the brand before, it definitely delivered results. 

Instead of applying it to my entire face, neck and décolleté as the directions stated, I applied it under my eyes because I felt like I looked really exhausted that day.

What a difference it made! My dark circles were much lighter and the creases under my eyes were not as deep.

Once I had my full makeup on, I looked like I had just returned from a spa retreat. My skin was glowing and looked plump (in a good way) because it was hydrated.

Ole Henriksen POWER Bright

 Available at  Sephora .

Available at Sephora.

I really enjoyed how this product is multifaceted. It makes you feel like you are really taking the time to improve the appearance of your skin by exfoliating and drenching it with vitamin C. 

Step 1: Sugar Polish

It smells really wonderful like oranges. I love how it’s composed of brown sugar too, not just white.

Step 2: Mask

The consistency of the mask is thick and applies very easily. Plenty of product to cover face and neck. I started to feel tingling once applied. It was very mild and dissipated as time went on.

Step 3: Cleanser

It mixes seamless with the mask. The color of the cleanser is vibrant with minimal tingling. 

Overall, this product is great if you can dedicate 30 to 45 minutes to the process. It would be super fun to do with your girlfriends while you’re on a Netflix binge.


I continue to use the Sheer Transformation Crème and Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Boost regularly and always together before I apply my moisturizer. It's best after spending a day in the sun or mornings when my skin needs an extra pick-me-up.