My Skin After 5 Weeks of Using Derma-King

It was only three months ago that my skin was freaking out! I'm talking the biggest ache breakout my skin has seen in more than seven years. It had taken over my forehead and was starting to invade my cheeks.

My skin's record was basically flawless for the last seven years after my last treatment of Accutane. I was scrabbling trying to figure out what was causing this sudden and major outbreak.

I tried drug store ache serums like Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Eliminating Spot Gel, which helped for awhile until the ache overtook my face again. I gave tea tree oil a shot because one of my friends swears by it for blemish-free skin. It only ended up irritating my skin more.

I washed my face morning and night like my life depended on it. I cleaned my makeup brushes and sponges. I stopped using any new hair or skin products. I tried everything I could think of, and I still couldn't figure out what was wrong.

In November, I finally went to get a facial with microdermabrasion, galvanic current and direct high frequency current when I visited Myrtle Beach, SC. My skin showed signs of improvement afterwards, but I was still worried it wouldn't last. My skin care routine was clearly lacking, and I needed a new approach for addressing my skin care concerns.

My cousin approached me in December about trying out his new skin care line, Derma-King. You can read more about my first impression here. I was thrilled to try a new product line in hopes of bringing my skin back to its glory days.

After five weeks of use, it is definitely looking like a promising solution. It treated my acne pretty quickly. I still breakout especially around my period, but now the visible signs disappear faster and the size of my pimples are microscopic.

Just last night I could see the remnants of a breakout from not washing my face Friday night, so I applied the multi-complex night cream before bed and spot treated the red bumps with the advanced retinol serum, and I woke up looking like my face healed the amount it normally does in four days. The red spots can linger forever!

The texture of my skin is much smoother and plumper in all the night places. All the lines I was obsessing over before no longer grab my attention. I'm not saying I have deep fine lines, however, I am starting to notice the visible signs of aging.

I think the area I notice the biggest difference is under my eyes. The skin is no longer puffy and has really brightened up.  I can always count on looking refreshed and well rested no matter how many hours of sleep I get.

Derma-King promises visible results quickly with its products, and they absolutely deliver. Take a scroll through my Instagram and see how much better my skin looks now than it did a back in October and November.

All of the products I tried, I love. I will absolutely continue to use them once they run out. The multi-complex night cream is seriously the single best product I have tried from any line. The O2 Mask is my favorite to use when my skin looks dull, tried or I forgot to wash my face the night before. And I have a feeling the advanced retinol serum is going to be my secret weapon for flawless skin for years to come.


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